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Fluid Culture

We are all part of the changing culture that is Ireland today. Culture is fluid rather than static,  culture  changes  all the time, in subtle  and  sometimes almost intangible ways. What does belonging to a place means ? what does belonging to several places look like and can culture be transnational ? 


The city has many layers; the South Circular Road in Dublin 8 known colloquially as ‘Little Jerusalem’; is an area of previous and historical Huguenot and Jewish settlement, textile industry and working class labour, and now has the longest established Mosque in Ireland and a growing Muslim population. 


A hundred years after Ireland started its route from colony to republic, it is time to move forward into the future to truly embrace the idea of common wealth, that the people in all their complexity and diversity are recognised as part of Irishness and share equally in the richness of society; and to value  the experience, agency and rich cultural heritages of new citizens who are often misunderstood, marginalised and rendered invisible to the State.

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